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patent app pdf example
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  • Zip file: All patent PDFs for research are included in easy to download ZIP files for quick batch downloading.
  • Full USPTO patent application document for reading/research: Each patent application PDF is a PDF file containing the full U.S. Patent Application document as published by the USPTO, including graphics, data and scientific notation as filed originally. These are perfect for research purposes.
  • Index: Each order receives a full table of contents with a list of all the patents application PDFs included with patent titles, abstracts, thumbnail images.
  • XML data: Each patent application PDF separately has a full XML document provided, which may be helpful for searches & custom databasing. The full XML often includes infromation not normally revealed on the FreshPatents patent page.
  • Customized: Can be customized to your needs - Batch PDF can be created by Company, Topic and Time Range. You can also include special instructions or inquiries.
  • Fast processing: Order is confirmed & prepared by a Research Specialist and processed within 24-72 hours. We do a manual quality assurance check to ensure professional standards.
  • Valuable Time-saving Service: Although these patent application documents are in the public domain, we've added exceptional value by batch-automating these downloads in multiple formats to save you a lot of time and effort! Keep in mind these documents are for research only, the assignees still retain all patent rights.
NOTE: These are patent applications, not the granted patent. Patent applications are in the process of being reviewed by the USPTO have not been granted. In some cases, there may be near-duplicate versions reflecting small changes made by the applicant at the USPTO. The document is for reading, viewing images, and research only, they do not convey any patent usage rights.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the process for ordering?

  • STEP 1: Fill out the form above on this page (a) Search type, (b) Company or Topic, (c) Time range
  • STEP 2: Request Invoice - enter your Name, Email and any Additional Message
    This will send an email to our Research Staff who will confirm your order.
  • STEP 3: You will get an Invoice by email with a payment link. Make payment.
  • STEP 4: After payment, within 24-72 hours you will receive a link with your PDFs, index and data which can be downloaded in a zip file.

How do you correlate the patent applications the Company or Topics being ordered?

The Company patents are searched from the Assigned field on the application. Usually the patent app will list an inventor name and an assigned or assignment organization. We have found this to be an accurate way to get company patent data. The Topic searches are correlated by the keyword/phrase appearing only in the Title and/or Abstract of the patent.

How long does it take to get the PDFs?

It takes 24-72 hours. We try to get it done within 24 hours. However sometimes it can take a bit longer if there are technical issues or many other orders in the queue. It also depends on the type of order. We will make an estimate with your payment invoice.

Are the PDFs searchable?

We do include the XML data which is the full patent application document and that can be searched. If you search the XML data (either from Apple or Windows or a utility program) then you will be able to correlate that result to the PDF. The PDFs are image PDFs, so the PDF itself is not text-searchable.