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USPTO #US9639150 B2

Real Time Touch patent

Interactive Video/Touch for Telemedicine, e-Health & Patient Monitoring

Powered physical displays on mobile devices

Patent Status: Granted / USPTO #US9639150 B2

  • Mobile electronic apparatus
  • Live physical interaction and vital signs while
    video conferencing
  • Configured to sense a physical gesture
  • Display converts energy into physical movement
  • Telemedicine & Medical Device applications

USPTO #US20170195624 A1

Real Time Touch patent application US20170195624

Additional Patent Claims for Smartphones & Mobile devices

Patent Application USPTO #20170195624 A1

  • Smartphone, head-mounted display, wearable
    or portable 3D video ready
  • Motion sensor, GPS, biometrics with
    video communications
  • Live physical interaction & vital signs while
    video conferencing
  • Configured to sense a physical gesture

Health & Telemedicine Applications

A doctor's interactive healing touch... Innovative patent with new mobile, video & physical touch technology.

    Medical Devices
  • Monitoring dosage ingestion, injection & medications
  • Remote patient medical device treatments & therapy
  • Adjusting & activating implanted/wearable devices;
  • Radiology, Dentistry, ECG, & other medical result analysis
  • Patient-doctor/ checklists, diagnostics
  • Video with live vital signs.
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  • Real-time Interactive advice & diagnosis
  • Remote medicine release, verification
  • Physical therapies, testing reflexes, stretching.
  • Review of complications & side effects
  • Real time live physical treatments to soldiers
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    Telemedicine: A Booming Market for Real Time Touch

    Companies engaged in e-Health initiatives that could benefit from Real Time Touch include*:
    • Amazon (mHealth)
    • American Well
    • Apple Inc.
    • Baxter International
    • General Electric
    • Google
    • IBM
    • InstaMD
    • iROBOT
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • MDLive
    • Medtronic Inc.
    • Merck
    • Microsoft
    • Novartis AG
    • Philips Healthcare
    • SnapMD
    • Vidyo
    • Vitaphone
    • Zipnosis
    * These companies are potential candidates for partnerships, however, the companies and their trademarks are not associated with Real Time Touch.
    "After years of big promises,
    telemedicine is finally living up to its potential."

    Wall Street Journal (2016) 7

    * note: videos are provided for educational purposes - Real Time Touch is not associated with cited companies/products.

    Real Time Touch could help improve Medication Adherence.
    "Medication nonadherence is a national epidemic. Millions of patients per year do not fill their medications or take their medications as prescribed, costing the U.S. healthcare system $100 billion to $290 billion annually." 10

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  • 71% of Healthcare Providers Use Telehealth, Telemedicine Tools - "April 28, 2017 - Provider telemedicine use has risen to an adoption rate of 71 percent, according to new research from HIMSS Analytics. The research, presented in two separate studies that analyzed inpatient and outpatient telemedicine, highlighted a jump in growth of usage over a three-year period."1
  • "Remote Patient Monitoring Market May Reach $46 Billion by 2017"2
  • "The global Healthcare Video Conferencing market was valued at US $246.0Mn in 2014 and is estimated to expand with a CAGR of 12.1% from 2015 to 2022." Key Trends: Development of advanced healthcare video conferencing solutions with higher reliability, Promoting cloud-based healthcare video conferencing solutions... Development of high definition (HD) solutions" 3
  • Use Real Time Touch for Rural and Remote Patients
    "Five to 10 times a day, Doctors Without Borders relays questions about tough cases from its physicians in Niger, South Sudan and elsewhere to its network of 280 experts around the world, and back again via the internet."
    Wall Street Journal (2016) 7
  • "78.5 Million Remote Monitoring Tools Users Predicted by 2020"4
  • "83% of Healthcare Orgs to Invest in Telehealth, mHealth Tools" - "Of the 171 healthcare executives participating in the annual ATA Executive Leadership Survey, 88 percent of those who are likely to purchase telehealth tools are planning to do so during 2017... Over 60 percent of the executives that telehealth would increase their ability to provide patient-centered care, and roughly 55 percent said that improved EHR interoperability would be a great benefit to the telehealth industry."5
  • “98% of survey respondents believe telehealth services create a competitive advantage, and I anticipate tremendous growth in the market"
    Jonathan Linkous, CEO, American Telemedicine Association
  • “Adoption of telemedicine solutions or services has surged since this study was first conducted in 2014 from roughly 54 percent in 2014 to 71 percent in 2017,” said the reports. “After consistently growing 3.5 percent annually, based on study results adoption has increased roughly 9 percent since 2016.” 1
  • "42% of U.S. hospitals are now using telehealth platforms to treat patients remotely, according to a new report published in February's Health Affairs journal. The report -- conducted by the Center for Connected Health, University of Michigan, and Brigham and Women's Hospital -- revealed that telehealth adoption was higher in rural areas compared to urban ones. On a state-by-state basis, Alaska topped the list with a 75% adoption rate, while Rhode Island was at the bottom with 0%." 6
  • "...telemedicine works, is safe, and cost effective. Providing Americans with Accessible, Affordable Care, is going to require a new strategy. Telemedicine can, should, and quite frankly will be a part of that strategy.
    Bill Frist, nationally-acclaimed heart and lung transplant surgeon, former U. S. Senate Majority Leader8
  • "But now telemedicine — virtual doctor visits over video — is increasingly helping nurses do their jobs. Telemedicine programs are making inroads in schools, where a student referred to the nurse can be plopped in front of a screen and connected with a physician. Special computer-connected otoscopes and stethoscopes allow doctors to check ears, noses, throats, and heartbeats from afar." ... "Starting with two preschools in 2013, the program eventually grew to reach 97 schools in Texas, and has conducted 4,000 virtual doctor visits at those schools since 2013." --- Scientific American, 2017 9


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