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Radiotelephone System

Radiotelephone System patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Radiotelephone System

Underwater vehicle communications system
01/31/13 - 20130029628 - An underwater communications system is provided that transmits electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals to a remote receiver. The transmitter includes a data input. A digital data compressor compresses data to be transmitted. A modulator modulates compressed data onto a carrier signal. An electrically insulated, magnetic coupled antenna transmits the compressed, modulated...

Femto base station, energy-saving coordination node, wireless communication system and computer program
11/15/12 - 20120289178 - A Femto base station which is arranged to connect to a wireless communication network and to generate a first cell for providing a wireless communication service to at least one user equipment existing within a coverage area of the first cell, comprising a transceiver comprising a transmitter and a receiver...

Electronic device and method for transmitting data
04/19/12 - 20120094626 - An electronic device and a method for transmitting data are disclosed. A network interface receives identification information to identify a communicating end from a mobile communication terminal. A controller acquires communicating end information based on the received identification information. A display displays the acquired communicating end information and at least...

Feature management of a communication device
04/07/11 - 20110081881 - A system and method for the real-time management of a device, and more particularly to the establishment and enforcement of policies or rules associated with the feature or functions that may be performed with the device. Modern communication devices are capable of many things, including making and receiving calls, exchanging...

Portable electronic device and method for controlling operational mode thereof
08/12/10 - 20100203861 - The present invention may include a communication unit and a camera unit, and there may be provided a portable electronic device configured to activate the camera unit in a state that a first mode of the communication unit is activated and a second mode thereof is deactivated....

Self-test method for a vehicular telematics unit
12/31/09 - 20090325534 - A self-test methodology verifies the satisfactory operation of an installed vehicular telematics unit using a signal processor of the telematics unit. The test can be initiated at any time by a vehicle occupant or a remote call center. When testing is initiated, the telematics unit places a cellular call to...

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