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Having Schottky Gate (e.g., Mesfet, Hemt, Etc.)

Having Schottky Gate (e.g., Mesfet, Hemt, Etc.) patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Process

Making Field Effect Device Having Pair Of Active Regions Separated By Gate Structure By Formation Or Alteration Of Semiconductive Active Regions > Having Schottky Gate (e.g., Mesfet, Hemt, Etc.)

Mos p-n junction schottky diode device and method for manufacturing the same
10/02/14 - 20140295628 - A MOS P-N junction Schottky diode device includes a substrate having a first conductivity type, a field oxide structure defining a trench structure, a gate structure formed in the trench structure and a doped region having a second conductivity type adjacent to the gate structure in the substrate. An ohmic...

Spatial orientation of the carbon nanotubes in electrophoretic deposition process
06/05/14 - 20140154847 - This method offers opportunity to produce oriented arrays of individual nanotubes, which opens up a new technique for fabrication and mass production of nanotube-based devices and circuits. Several such devices are considered. These are MESFET- and MOSFET-like transistors and CMOS-like voltage inverter....

Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
05/16/13 - 20130122669 - A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: forming a first active region, a second active region, an inactive region located between the first active region and the second active region, and a third active region, which crosses the inactive region to electrically connect the first active region to the...

Techniques to enhance selectivity of electrical breakdown of carbon nanotubes
06/09/11 - 20110136304 - Techniques are used to fabricate carbon nanotube devices. These techniques improve the selective removal of undesirable nanotubes such as metallic carbon nanotubes while leaving desirable nanotubes such as semiconducting carbon nanotubes. In a first technique, slot patterning is used to slice or break carbon nanotubes have a greater length than...

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