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Chemistry: Electrical Current Producing Apparatus, Product, And Process > Current Producing Cell, Elements, Subcombinations And Compositions For Use Therewith And Adjuncts > Include Electrolyte Chemically Specified And Method > Chemically Specified Organic Solvent Containing > Plural Organic Solvents (i.e., Solvent Mixture) > One Of The Organic Solvents Contains A Hetero Ring

One Of The Organic Solvents Contains A Hetero Ring

One Of The Organic Solvents Contains A Hetero Ring patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

08/22/13 - 20130216918 - Nonaqueous electrolyte for secondary battery and nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery employing the same
An object is to provide a nonaqueous electrolyte and a nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery which have excellent discharge load characteristics and are excellent in high-temperature storability, cycle characteristics, high capacity, continuous-charge characteristics, storability, gas evolution inhibition during continuous charge, high-current-density charge/discharge characteristics, discharge load characteristics, etc. The object has been accomplished...