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Resin, Rubber, Or Hardenable Oil Containing Coating

Resin, Rubber, Or Hardenable Oil Containing Coating patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Coating Processes

With Pretreatment Of The Base > Preapplied Reactant Or Reaction Promoter Or Hardener (e.g., Catalyst, Etc.) > Resin, Rubber, Or Hardenable Oil Containing Coating

Device and method for producing reinforcements
12/18/14 - 20140370197 - A device and a method for producing impregnated reinforcements, in particular for composite materials such as drive belts. The method for producing the reinforcements includes: introducing the reinforcement into an applicator device; introducing at least one substance for impregnating the reinforcement into the applicator device; and, embodying the impregnated reinforcement....

Method for electroless metallization
04/03/14 - 20140093647 - A method for forming a polymerized film on a surface of a non-conductive material and subsequently forming an electroless metal plating film on the surface is described. The method includes the step of contacting the surface of the material with a solution including (A) an amine compound having at least...

Methods for adjusting adhesion strength during sensor processing
01/09/14 - 20140010962 - The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for adjusting adhesion strength between materials during semiconductor sensor processing. One or more embodiments are directed to using various surface treatments to a substrate to adjust adhesion strength between the substrate and a polymer. In one embodiment, the surface of the...

Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces
03/08/12 - 20120058275 - The invention discloses an adhesion agent composition comprising at least one C3-C200 olefin compound having at least one metathesis active double bond, wherein the olefin is substituted or unsubstituted; and at least one compatibilizing functionality for interacting with a substrate surface. The substrate surface can be any surface, for example,...

Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates
03/10/11 - 20110059244 - An adhesion promoter, a coating composition containing the adhesion promoter, and a method for preparing the adhesion promoter and coating. The adhesion promoter is an olefin based polymer having at least one amine containing compound. The amine may be used as a catalyst for the coating....

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