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Articulated Member

Articulated Member patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Joints And Connections

With Distinct Fluid Or Article Handling Or Directing Feature > Including Port Or Reservoir Communicating With Joint > Articulated Member

Integrated pivot pin lubricator
06/05/14 - 20140153997 - The present disclosure provides an apparatus for lubrication of a hinge on a work machine. The hinge includes a first member such as a first boom arm and a second member such as a second boom arm. The hinge further includes a pin hingedly linking the first and second members....

Premium preformance ball joint and system
04/19/12 - 20120093573 - Ball joints, systems in which they are used, and suspension systems in which the ball joint systems are employed. The ball joints, systems and suspension mechanisms are especially useful for racing vehicles in which premium performance is desired. As an additional feature, the products of this invention are especially appreciated...

Swing pin assembly and associated method
06/24/10 - 20100158601 - A swing pin assembly including a pin body defining first and second lubricant channels, and further including a zerk mount attached to the pin body, wherein the zerk mount defines first and second zerk receptacles, a first lubricant chamber downstream from the first zerk receptacle and upstream from the first...

Sealing joint for connecting adjoining duct pieces in a engine exhaust system
02/04/10 - 20100028075 - An engine exhaust system comprises duct pieces (201, 202) and a sealing joint (30) for interconnecting their adjoining ends. The sealing joint (30) comprises a one-piece tubular body (31) including includes a first axial end portion (331), a second axial end portion (332), and a bridge portion (34) extending therebetween....

Articulating joint with injector port
09/10/09 - 20090226243 - A pipe coupling connects two fluid system components, such as two pipes, so that fluid can flow therethrough. The coupling is a ball and socket type articulating joint that is configured to allow one or both of the connected pipes to move relative to one another without compromising the integrity...

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