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Active Star

Active Star patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Optical Communications

Multiplex > Optical Local Area Network (lan) > Active Star

Fiber optic network adjustment
01/16/14 - 20140016935 - A number of fiber optic networks, nodes, and methods are disclosed. One fiber optic network embodiment includes a network module including a star coupler for receiving a signal from a number of nodes and outputting a combined signal, including the received signals, to the number of nodes, and the number...

Coupled seed light injection for wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networks
04/21/11 - 20110091210 - An apparatus comprising a first optical transmitter configured to couple to a second optical transmitter, a first optical receiver, and a seed light source, wherein the first optical transmitter and the first optical receiver are part of a first passive optical network (PON) and the second optical transmitter and a...

Optical line terminating apparatus and optical communication system
03/26/09 - 20090080888 - An optical access communication apparatus and an optical access communication system for the coexistence of two wideband PON systems without using an expensive optical device or module. A low-speed PON and a high-speed PON have a same upstream wavelength, and an OLT receives optical signals by a same optical receiver...

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