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Incentive Billing

Incentive Billing patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Telephonic Communications

With Usage Measurement (e.g., Call Or Traffic Register) > Call Charge Metering Or Monitoring > Incentive Billing

Incenting and enhancing telephony service usage
04/25/13 - 20130101100 - Mechanisms are provided to incent and enhance telephony service usage. Telephony call setup requests are monitored at a system for incenting telephony service usage and participants in a telephony service usage incentive program are identified. The system may be associated with a telephony central office. If a particular caller or...

Method for providing telephone service using the internet
12/01/11 - 20110293081 - The method of the present invention comprises the steps of: outputting the content of the advertisement when the user clicks the advertisement and simultaneously providing the user with a telephone number input window for enabling the user to input the telephone number thereof and the telephone number of a person...

Automatic use of behavioral information for promotional purposes in communications system
06/02/11 - 20110129076 - A node (22) of a communications system is configured use behavioral information (26) regarding a customer/subscriber's communication usage to automatically perform a promotional activity (28) with respect to communication usages of the customer/subscriber with another customer/subscriber. In an example implementation, the node (22) comprises electronic circuitry (38) configured to use...

Method for personalized alerts for alternative service offerings based on personalized usage profiles in a changing market
07/22/10 - 20100183132 - Comparing service plans based on a user's usage data may include collecting and analyzing service usage and reward earnings data for a user's current service to obtain a normalized service usage and rewards dataset, normalizing data related to a plurality of alternative service offerings according to a normalized alternative service...

Method for integrating marketing with a communications system
03/19/09 - 20090074162 - A method is provided for integrating marketing with a communications system. Initially, the method may create an electronic directory with a plurality of directory records and group records. The method may include distributing a communication platform which interfaces with the electronic directory to a plurality of users. In addition, the...

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