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Specific Application

Specific Application patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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X-ray Or Gamma Ray Systems Or Devices

Specific Application

Metrology device and metrology method thereof
05/28/15 - 20150146841 - A metrology device includes a light source and an image sensor. The light source is configured for providing an X-ray illuminating a wafer. The image sensor is configured for detecting a spatial domain pattern produced when the X-ray illuminating the wafer....

System and method for determining ionization susceptibility using x-rays
06/02/11 - 20110129053 - A system for determining ionization susceptibility including a sample, an x-ray generator configured to generate a pulsed x-ray beam, and focusing optics disposed between the sample and the x-ray generator, the focusing optics being configured to focus the pulsed x-ray beam into a spot on the sample....

X-ray testing method and x-ray testing device
11/18/10 - 20100290582 - A first x-ray image of the circuit board that is equipped with components only on a first side with a first x-ray device (2) that produces transmission images and a second x-ray image of a circuit board that is equipped with components on both sides with a second x-ray device...

X-ray beam processor
05/06/10 - 20100111246 - An x-ray beam processor and system that includes an x-ray beam generator for generating x-ray beams; a mirror shield for shielding the x-ray beams from select areas; a cylindrical waveguide for guiding x-ray beams traveling through the waveguide, which includes a plurality of entry ports and exit ports; a plurality...

Downhole imaging tool utilizing x-ray generator
06/11/09 - 20090147907 - An X-ray downhole imaging tool is provided and includes an X-ray tube capable of operating at least at 50 KeV and emitting at least one hundred micro-amperes of continuous electron current and a radiation detector axially displaced from the X-ray tube, at least partially shielded therefrom and radially directed. In...

Radiation detecting cassette and radiation image capturing system
02/19/09 - 20090046828 - A radiation detecting cassette and a radiation image capturing system are provided. A radiation detecting cassette has a radiation detector for detecting a radiation having passed through a patient and converting the detected radiation into radiation image data, a transceiver for transmitting the radiation image data by way of wireless...

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