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With Additional Stirrer Element On Screw Conveyor

With Additional Stirrer Element On Screw Conveyor patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Rubber Or Heavy Plastic Working > Stirrer Is Through-pass Screw Conveyor > With Additional Stirrer Element On Screw Conveyor

Material kneading apparatus and material kneading method
04/10/14 - 20140098626 - There is provided with a screw that is inserted into a cylinder an inside of which a material is loaded, and is rotatably supported in both end portions on an upstream side and a downstream side, or in an end portion on the upstream side, in the cylinder; a first...

Kneading segment and kneading equipment
08/02/12 - 20120195155 - A kneading segment includes plural wing portions integrally formed along an axis such that angles, around the axis, of the plural wing portions are shifted. At a part of a leading end of each wing portion where a wing leading end surface and a wing surface connect with each other,...

Lug type extruder screw
09/15/11 - 20110222363 - An extruder screw that enables mixing of viscous materials, such as rubber mixtures and thermoplastic materials, is disclosed. The screw includes a core extending from a sealing end to a nose cone end. At least one flight extends radially from the core in a quasi-helical pattern, wherein flights adjacent one...

Device and method for processing of polymer materials
09/23/10 - 20100238759 - A device for processing a polymer material including a first screw having a first length; and a second screw having a second length different from the first length, wherein the first screw is configured to be rotated at one of a direction and a speed of rotation that is independent...

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