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Stirrer Is Through-pass Screw Conveyor

Stirrer Is Through-pass Screw Conveyor patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Rubber Or Heavy Plastic Working > Stirrer Is Through-pass Screw Conveyor

Kneading apparatus and method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product
06/27/13 - 20130163369 - A kneading apparatus includes a plasticizing cylinder in which a high pressure kneading zone and a pressure reduction zone are formed adjacently in this order from an upstream side so that a molten resin obtained by plasticizing a thermoplastic resin and a pressurized fluid are kneaded with each other in...

Kneading apparatus and method for producing semiconductor encapsulating resin composition
01/10/13 - 20130010566 - The kneading apparatus 1 includes a casing 2, a pair of elongated screws 4a, 4b rotatably provided in the casing 2. The screws 4a, 4b are arranged parallel and horizontally with respect to one another. The casing 2 has a main body 20 and a screw container 3 provided in...

Restoration of worn metallic extrusion processing elements
12/29/11 - 20110317510 - A restored metallic extrusion processing element comprises a tubular metal core around which is consolidated a powdered metal extrusion component that includes metallurgically bonded interior shell and exterior working portions. The interior shell portion covers the core and is characterized by a first multiple-crystalline microstructure, and the exterior working portion...

Barrel cooling and heating system for screw extruder
03/17/11 - 20110063939 - An extruder barrel section is disclosed. The extruder barrel section comprises of a first barrel pad and a second barrel pad. The first and second barrel pad co-operating to define a recess configured to receive an extruder liner. The length of the first and second barrel pad is less than...

Kneading degree adjusting mechanism, extruder, continuous mixer, kneading degree adjusting method, and kneading method
10/28/10 - 20100271901 - A kneading degree adjusting mechanism is installed in a processing apparatus having a barrel and a kneading screw inserted into the barrel rotatably, the kneading screw having a kneading section and being adapted to rotate within the barrel to knead a material continuously while feeding the material from an upstream...

Combined screw design and heating mechanism for low shear resins
05/06/10 - 20100110823 - The apparatus and method that best results in low shear to melt shear-sensitive materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinylchloride, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, acrylics and/or resins with fiber fillers, without sacrificing process speed and/or cycle time, comprises the use of a barrel, screw and induction heating coil. The screw, in this...

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