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Rubber Or Heavy Plastic Working

Rubber Or Heavy Plastic Working patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Rubber Or Heavy Plastic Working

Member in contact with rubber material
05/21/15 - 20150138907 - The present invention provides a member in contact with a rubber material, the member being characterized in that the member has a surface in contact with the rubber material, and that the contact angle of the surface thereof in contact with the rubber material is 40° or more when a...

Closed-type rubber kneader kneading efficiency evaluation method
02/05/15 - 20150036449 - When kneading kneading materials that include raw rubber and carbon black in a closed-type rubber kneader, the extent of the kneading efficiency of the closed-type rubber kneader is evaluated in accordance with the magnitude of the evaluation index calculated from unit work/total amount of shear by calculating an evaluation index...

Kneading device and kneading method for electricity storage material
02/27/14 - 20140056095 - A kneading device includes an index setting portion that sets an index for kneading based on a motion energy of particles of an electricity storage material, a mean free path of the particles of the electricity storage material, and a kneading time for the electricity storage material, a condition setting...

Gel reduction device and gel reduction method
07/11/13 - 20130176810 - A gel reduction device 1 of the present invention includes a gel reduction mechanism 8 provided in a polymer flow duct 5 in which a polymer kneaded compound flows and adapted to reduce gel present in the polymer kneaded compound. The gel reduction mechanism 8 includes at least one or...

Rubber extruder and method of sampling extruded rubber
03/15/12 - 20120063259 - In a rubber extruder, a rubber sample is sampled while the rubber extruder is operating. In a rubber extruder formed of a cylinder and a screw arranged in the cylinder, a rubber sample taking-out path is provided in the vicinity of an outlet-side end portion of the screw and in...

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