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Land Vehicles: Bodies And Tops > Bodies > Structural Detail > Impact > Canopy (i.e., Upper Section)

Canopy (i.e., Upper Section)

Canopy (i.e., Upper Section) patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

01/30/14 - 20140028054 - Vehicle roof structure
Provided is a vehicle roof structure capable of preventing turn of a roof side absorber about its axis in the vehicle front-rear direction. A roof side absorber 10 is arranged between a roof side panel 20 and a side portion 30S of a roof lining 30. An opening trim 40...

02/23/12 - 20120043784 - impact-protection canopy
The present invention relates to an impact-protection canopy (106) for use with an operator work (100) area of a plant vehicle wherein the impact-protection canopy comprises a shelf (116) mounted on a support assembly (118) which is in turn mountable on the plant vehicle, the shelf being mounted on the...