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Flexible And Accumulating (e.g., Gathering Type)

Flexible And Accumulating (e.g., Gathering Type) patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Land Vehicles: Bodies And Tops

Tops > Load Cover > Flexible And Accumulating (e.g., Gathering Type)

Drive units for tarpaulin cover systems
07/31/14 - 20140210228 - Various configurations of drive units for tarpaulin cover systems, particularly for use on vehicle bodies, are disclosed. Exemplary drive units include a gear arrangement configured to attach to an upper perimeter section of an open-top structure and at least one motion initiating device coupled to the gear arrangement. The gear...

Motor overload protection for cargo canopy systems
01/23/14 - 20140021736 - In an installation controlling the operation of one or more motors driving a mechanism for deploying or retracting a protective canopy over the cargo compartment of a truck or wagon, a method and device for protecting the motor windings against excessive power use by measuring the level of drawn current...

Lock and roll up tonneau cover method
12/12/13 - 20130328347 - A soft top fabric cover supported by an internal frame work provides a removal end support rail in closest range to a cargo bed tail gate, contains a latch system which allows coupling or uncoupling of the fabric cover from both left and right side longitudinal rails. Further, both left...

Control device for opening and closing open top bodies in industrial vehicles
05/06/10 - 20100109373 - Control device for both opening and closing the sheets or tarpaulins used to cover the open top bodies in the industrial, agricultural and/or similar vehicles wherein driving pulleys (6a-6b) are set in motion by means of bevel gears (7a, 7b and 7c), wherein the gear (7a) with the first driving...

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