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Bicycle frame with integrated tool storage
05/01/14 - 20140117643 - A bicycle including front and rear wheels, a main frame that has a mounting bracket, and a front fork that connects the main frame to the front wheel. The bicycle also includes a rear sub-frame that connects the main frame to the rear wheel and that is movable relative to...

Bicycle shock with extension arms
01/16/14 - 20140015220 - A bicycle frame can have a main frame, a sub-frame and a shock. The sub-frame can move in relation to the main frame and the shock can be used to regulate that relationship. A linkage can also be used to regulate the relationships and control the rotation. The shock can...

Link suspension system
05/24/12 - 20120126506 - A bicycle includes a frame having a longitudinal axis, a first member, and a first pivot link assembly including a first link configured to rotate around a first pivot point. The first pivot point may have a first axis of rotation that is non-orthogonal to the longitudinal axis of the...

Bicycle frame with articulating linkage mounting arrangement
09/09/10 - 20100225089 - A bicycle frame assembly includes an articulating linkage mounting arrangement that fixedly couples one or more lever arms to a rotatable axle. A preferred embodiment includes at least one lever arm, and preferably a pair of lever arms. The lever arm or arms are fixedly coupled to an axle by...

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