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Socket Type

Socket Type patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Chucks Or Sockets

With Fluid-pressure Actuator > Socket Type

08/21/14 - 20140232072 - A chuck for a power tool has a central receptacle, arranged in the body of the chuck, having a locating opening for axially inserting a shank-type tool. A reducing sleeve is arranged at least partly in the central receptacle, and a clamping device is provided for at least locally reducing...

Hydraulic expansion chuck and method for producing such an expansion chuck
05/29/14 - 20140145406 - A hydraulic expansion chuck includes a basic body, an expansion bush which is received in the basic body and defines a reception space for a tool to be clamped, and a pressure chamber which is delimited between the expansion bush and the basic body. A securing pin is provided, which...

Gripper with emergency release
01/02/14 - 20140001713 - A gripper for use in combination with a pin has a body having an axially open cavity in which the pin is engageable. Jaws in the cavity are radially displaceable between an inner holding position bearing radially inwardly on and gripping the pin and an outer release position in which...

Tool holder
05/02/13 - 20130106067 - A tool holder includes a holder body having a trunk and a grip tube, a pressure ring fitted around the grip tube, a nut for axially moving the pressure ring, and a sleeve defining a pressure chamber around the outer periphery thereof. The trunk is formed with cylinders in which...

Hydraulic expansion chuck
07/21/11 - 20110175300 - The invention relates to a hydraulic expansion chuck having an end on the tool side; and an end on the machine side. A shaft is disposed on the end on the machine side for clamping the expansion chuck in a machine tool. An expanding bushing is disposed on the end...