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With Fluid-pressure Actuator

With Fluid-pressure Actuator patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Chucks Or Sockets

With Fluid-pressure Actuator

Expansion chuck
06/26/14 - 20140175760 - The invention relates to a hydraulic expansion chuck with a basic body, with an expansion bush which is received in the basic body and defines a reception space for a tool to be chucked, and with a pressure chamber which is delimited between the expansion bush and the basic body,...

Spindle/tool combination for a machine tool
06/13/13 - 20130147130 - A spindle/tool combination for a machine tool is provided, including a tool, a spindle, on which the tool can be releasably fixed and by means of which the tool can be rotated, wherein the tool has at least one linearly movable rod and the spindle comprises a loading device, which...

Hydraulic coupling system for coupling a shell mill to an adapter
02/07/13 - 20130033009 - A hydraulic coupling system includes an adapter, a shell mill, a threaded member, and a chucking membrane. The adapter includes a tapered pilot disposed on and extending from an end face. The shell mill includes a central counter bore for enabling the pilot of the adapter to be inserted therein....

Clamping chuck for radially clamping workpieces with a cylindrical outer clamping surface
05/06/10 - 20100109261 - A clamping chuck (1) for radially clamping workpieces with a cylindrical outer clamping surface includes an annular base member (2) which has a hole (5), a shoulder (11), which projects inwards radially and forms a contact surface for the workpiece, an axially-extending hole face (10) and tabs (12) which project...

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