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Composite Ceramic, Or Single Ceramic With Metal

Composite Ceramic, Or Single Ceramic With Metal patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Active Solid-state Devices (e.g., Transistors, Solid-state Diodes)

Housing Or Package > Insulating Material > Composite Ceramic, Or Single Ceramic With Metal

Power module substrate, power module, and method for manufacturing power module substrate
03/31/11 - 20110074010 - A power module substrate includes: a ceramics substrate having a surface; and a metal plate connected to the surface of the ceramics substrate, composed of aluminum, and including Cu at a joint interface between the ceramics substrate and the metal plate, wherein a Cu concentration at the joint interface is...

Method and core materials for semiconductor packaging
04/01/10 - 20100078805 - A semiconductor package comprises a semiconductor substrate that may comprise a core. The core may comprise one or more materials selected from a group comprising ceramics and glass dielectrics. The package further comprises a set of one or more inner conductive elements that is provided on the core, a set...

Power semiconductor module
03/18/10 - 20100065962 - A semiconductor module includes a multilayer substrate. The multilayer substrate includes a first metal layer and a first ceramic layer over the first metal layer. An edge of the first ceramic layer extends beyond an edge of the first metal layer. The multilayer substrate includes a second metal layer over...

Semiconductor module
07/09/09 - 20090174063 - A semiconductor module 10 includes a ceramic substrate having a front surface on which a semiconductor element 12 is mounted and a rear surface on the opposite side of the front surface, a front metal plate 15 joined to the front surface, a rear metal plate 16 joined to the...

Method and structure for dispensing chip underfill through an opening in the chip
03/26/09 - 20090079060 - A method of making an integrated circuit package includes forming a through hole in an integrated circuit and assembling a die containing the integrated circuit on a carrier so that the die is mechanically and electrically connected to the carrier. Thereafter, an underfill material is dispensed between the die and...

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