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Fluent Dielectric

Fluent Dielectric patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Fluent Dielectric

Electrical insulating oil composition having excellent low temperature properties
04/24/14 - 20140110643 - The present invention provides an electric insulating oil composition that has excellent low temperature properties, hydrogen gas absorbability and giving less adverse effect on living bodies and comprises [A] 1,1-diphenylethane in an amount of 30 to 70 percent by mass, [B] at least one or more component selected from 4...

Electric insulating oil inspection method, electric insulating oil treatment method, and oil-filled electric device maintenance method
05/30/13 - 20130134367 - The present invention relates to an electric insulating oil inspection method for determining whether or not an inhibitor-consuming substance is present in an electric insulating oil. The inhibitor-consuming substance is such a substance that causes to decrease over time a concentration of an inhibitor which is added to the electric...

Methods and systems for monitoring and controlling surfactant concentration in liquid crystal colloidal dispersions
04/21/11 - 20110089382 - There are provided methods and systems for precisely controlling the surfactant concentration and character of ferroelectric nanoparticles in a ferroelectric liquid crystal dispersion. In an aspect, the invention provides an efficient FTIR technique to characterize the status and measure the distribution of the surfactant in ferroelectric particle dispersion. This allows...

Reformer distillate as gassing additive for transformer oils
03/11/10 - 20100059725 - This invention relates to reformer distillates as gassing additives for transformer oils. The reformer distillates have a 1-ring and 2-ring aromatics content of at least 98%, and are added such that the transformer oil contains less than 10 wt % of reformer distillate. The invention also relates to a method...

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