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Used To Switch An Electrical Circuit Or Device On Or Off

Used To Switch An Electrical Circuit Or Device On Or Off patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Radiant Energy

Photocells; Circuits And Apparatus > Photocell Controlled Circuit > Plural Photosensitive Nonimage Detecting Elements > Used To Switch An Electrical Circuit Or Device On Or Off

Proximity sensing configuration
04/02/15 - 20150090865 - Embodiments are provided for intelligently revealing selectable icons on a control panel of a playback device based on proximity detection. In one example, an ambient light level may be determined based on a detection of ambient light by a light sensor of a control area for a playback device. Based...

High frequency modulation circuits based on phtoconductive wide bandgap switches
09/18/14 - 20140263976 - Methods, systems, and devices for high voltage and/or high frequency modulation. In one aspect, an optoelectronic modulation system includes an array of two or more photoconductive switch units each including a wide bandgap photoconductive material coupled between a first electrode and a second electrode, a light source optically coupled to...

Anti-glare mirror and method to vary reflectance thereof
08/14/14 - 20140224966 - An anti-glare mirror has opposite reflecting and back sides, and includes a plurality of electro-chromic units disposed in a casing, a first light sensor, a plurality of second light sensors, and a processor. The first light sensor is disposed on the casing, and is operable for sensing ambient brightness incident...

Method and system for sensing light reflective surfaces in a reflective photo-electric sensing system
08/07/14 - 20140217266 - A reflective photo-electric sensing system includes a transmitter for the transmission of light and a reflector for reflecting the light. The reflector being positioned in a far field. A light channeling device receives reflected light from the far field or from a near field and channels the received reflected light...

09/20/12 - 20120235025 - A slit is formed in a plunger of a limit switch in such a manner that an amount of light incident on a light receiving element is changed in accordance with displacement of the plunger. The limit switch is provided with a setting processing unit (123) for setting a voltage...

Photosensitive control system, and method of operating thereof
12/15/11 - 20110303826 - A photosensitive control system includes a light source device configured to provide a directional light beam and a photosensitive device which includes at least one pre-arranged photosensitive unit. Also, the photosensitive control system has a light guide device configured between the light source device and the photosensitive device for guiding...

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