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Counterbalanced patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Brackets > Adjustable > Vertically Sliding (e.g., Shoring, Formwork, Or Scaffold Brackets) > Counterbalanced

Lifting device
03/20/14 - 20140077050 - A lifting device adapted to bear an object is provided. The lifting device includes a body, a sliding member, an elastic member, an adjusting member and a connecting member. The sliding member is slidably disposed at the body moves along a first axis and stays at any position between a...

Counterbalancing lift mechanisms and methods
10/03/13 - 20130256489 - Embodiments provide a counterbalancing lift mechanism for raising and lowering an electronic display. The lift mechanism includes a moving bracket in sliding engagement with a support bracket. As the moving bracket moves relative to the support bracket, a spring assembly deflects to provide a force to offset the weight of...

Mounting system with adjustable height and load carrying surface
10/04/12 - 20120248273 - In a mounting system suitable for mounting equipment to a wall, through a use of a mechanical advantage, a range of loads available to be accommodated by a single spring is expanded....

Vertical spring lift systems
11/17/11 - 20110278414 - A display positioning apparatus is provided for lifting, supporting, and/or positioning a load, such as a display. The apparatus includes a support and a bracket adapted to couple to a display movably coupled to the support along a range of travel. A balance mechanism is operatively coupled to the bracket...

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