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With Material Length Stop

With Material Length Stop patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Winding, Tensioning, Or Guiding

Reeling Device > With Particular Drive (e.g., Ratchet Drive, Motor Drive) > Motor Powered > With Material Length Stop

Cord housing apparatus
06/26/14 - 20140175211 - A cord housing apparatus disclosed in the present description has a cord, a drum on which the cord is wound, a biasing member for biasing the drum in a cord reel-in direction, a cord delivery device arranged on a side where the cord is reeled out from the drum, a...

Control device for fastening strap unit
06/19/14 - 20140166800 - A fastening strap unit includes a frame with a mandrel and a strap connected thereto. The strap is wrapped to the mandrel, and the first end of the strap is fixed to the mandrel and a hook is connected to the second end of the strap. A shaft extends from...

Motorized hose reel
06/27/13 - 20130161438 - Hose reel with a drum, driven in an appropriate manner by a motor, and provided with a hose through which a medium can flow, which hose is appropriately connected to a tool at one far end provided with a control to operate this tool, i.e. to start and to stop...

Power-driven rolling and receiving apparatus
04/09/09 - 20090090805 - A power-driven rolling and receiving apparatus includes a housing, a DC brushless motor, a deceleration unit, a motor linker, a control and driving unit, and a first brake unit. The DC brushless motor, the deceleration unit, the motor linker, the control and driving unit and the first brake unit are...

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