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Crucible Or Furnace Type (i.e., Adapted To Hold Meltable Material)

Crucible Or Furnace Type (i.e., Adapted To Hold Meltable Material) patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Electric Heating

Heating Devices > Combined With Container, Enclosure, Or Support For Material To Be Heated > Crucible Or Furnace Type (i.e., Adapted To Hold Meltable Material)

Furnace system with case integrated cooling system
01/31/13 - 20130026155 - An infrared firing furnace includes a case-integrated cooling system to provide high performance cooling as the first step in the cooling process. The cooling system includes a cooling manifold integrated into, and made from, the same case material as the adjacent firing zone. As the cooling system is made from...

Resonant power supply for use with high inductive loads and method of providing same
05/10/12 - 20120111850 - A resonant power supply (900) for use with high inductive loads includes an input rectifier (903) and a switching inverter formed using a plurality of parallel connected half bridge networks for switching the voltage provided from the input rectifier (903). A transformer (927) is used whose primary is connected to...

Ceramic firing furnace
02/16/12 - 20120037610 - A ceramic firing furnace is provided. A uniform gas atmosphere is formed in the ceramic firing furnace to thus minimize a defective ceramic substrate when the ceramic substrate is fired. The ceramic firing furnace includes: a case having an internal space in which a shaped body is disposed; a heating...

Furnace for conditioning preforms
06/09/11 - 20110132892 - A rotary-type furnace for conditioning preforms with a heating wheel at which several heating modules for heating one preform each are arranged, wherein the heating modules are each a heating chamber and a holding device for the preform. The furnace has a lifting device for lifting and lowering the holding...

Heater element as well as an insert for electrical furnaces
03/11/10 - 20100059499 - Insert for electrical furnaces comprising an insulating shell and a coiled heater element, the heater element comprising element wire that consists of at least two sections that are interconnected via a bend of element wire in such a way that the bend and the sections mutually form a loop of...

Reflow furnace
05/28/09 - 20090134142 - The suction ports of a hot air blowing heater are arranged in a zigzag shape crossing the direction of travel of a printed circuit board, and hot air discharge nozzles project from inside or alongside the suction ports. Accordingly, in the reflow furnace according to the present invention, hot air...

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