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Single-pole patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

Related Categories:

High-voltage Switches With Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices

Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices > Vacuum > Single-pole

Vacuum interrupter
03/14/13 - 20130062315 - The present disclosure relates to a vacuum interrupter capable of easily installing a central arc shielding plate in alignment without biasing in a radial direction. The vacuum interrupter includes a protruding guide unit protruding from a stationary electrode seal cup in a perpendicular direction to guide the installation of the...

Retainer, vacuum interrupter, and electrical switching apparatus including the same
08/25/11 - 20110204030 - A vacuum interrupter includes a number of insulative tubes having a first open end and a second open end; a first end member secured to the first open end; a second end member secured to the second open end; a fixed contact mounted on a fixed electrode extending through the...

Low-voltage, medium-voltage or high-voltage assembly
07/07/11 - 20110163070 - The disclosure relates to a voltage assembly having at least one short circuiting device in which a moving contact piece can be closed onto a fixed contact piece. In order to prevent breakdown at least two separated vacuum zones are arranged along a moving path of the fixed contact piece....

Low-voltage, medium-voltage or high-voltage switchgear assembly having a short-circuiting system
09/02/10 - 20100219162 - A switchgear assembly includes a vacuum interrupt chamber and a short-circuiting system arranged in the vacuum interrupt chamber. To enable rapid switching with physically simple means, a vacuum area of the vacuum interrupt chamber in which a fixed contact piece is placed is subdivided via a membrane, which is provided...

Bushing terminal of vacuum circuit breaker and method thereof
07/01/10 - 20100163528 - Disclosed is a bushing terminal of a vacuum circuit breaker used for interrupting current, which includes: a terminal body having a cylinder that can be inserted into the interior of a contactor and annular protrusions formed to be protrude from an outer circumferential surface of the cylinder; and a flange...

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