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Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices

Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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High-voltage Switches With Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices

Arc Preventing Or Extinguishing Devices

Interchangeable switching module and electrical switching apparatus including the same
01/15/15 - 20150014277 - An interchangeable switching module is for an electrical switching apparatus including a first enclosure, separable contacts and an operating mechanism structured to open and close the separable contacts. The interchangeable switching module includes a second enclosure structured to fit within the first enclosure of the electrical switching apparatus; and an...

Gas insulated switchgear and manufacturing method of the same
11/27/14 - 20140346143 - A gas insulated switchgear includes a high-voltage conductor installed inside a ground tank filled with an insulation gas and the high-voltage conductor is supported on an insulation spacer and thereby fixed to the ground tank. The gas insulator switchgear is configured in such a manner that an insulation portion of...

Arc extinguishing resin processed article and circuit breaker using the same
11/19/09 - 20090283500 - An arc extinguishing resin processed article having excellent flame retardancy is disclosed, in which the contribution to rise in inner pressure is small, a pyrolysis gas that can efficiently extinguish an arc generated upon the interruption of a circuit can be generated, and heat resistance withstanding the rise in temperature...

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