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Classifying, Separating, And Assorting Solids > Sorting Special Items, And Certain Methods And Apparatus (e.g., Pocket Type And Light Responsive Sorting, Etc.) For Sorting Any Items > Condition Responsive Means Controls Separating Means > Sensing Radiant Energy Reflected, Absorbed, Emitted, Or Obstructed By Item Or Adjunct Thereof > Infrared, Visible Light, Or Ultraviolet > Laser


Laser patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

04/10/14 - 20140097129 - Particle manipulation system with cytometric confirmation
A MEMS-based particle manipulation system which uses a particle manipulation stage and a plurality of laser interrogation regions. The laser interrogation regions may be used to assess the effectiveness or accuracy of the particle manipulation stage. In one exemplary embodiment, the particle manipulation stage is a microfabricated valve, which sorts...

04/03/14 - 20140091014 - Single particle qcl-based mid-ir spectroscopy system with analysis of scattering
This disclosure concerns a system with scattering analysis including a handling system that presents a single particle to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to the single particle in order to induce resonant mid-infrared absorption in the particle or...