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And Programmed, Cyclic, Or Time Responsive Control Means

And Programmed, Cyclic, Or Time Responsive Control Means patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Chemistry: Electrical And Wave Energy

Apparatus > Electrolytic > With Current, Voltage, Or Power Control Means Responsive To Sensed Condition > And Programmed, Cyclic, Or Time Responsive Control Means

Apparatus for controlling an electrolytic cell in a water purification system
06/12/14 - 20140158525 - A system comprises a water purification system having an electrolytic cell to receive a flow of waste water. A power source supplies power to the electrolytic cell. The power source at least comprises an H-bridge controller to apply power to the electrolytic cell. A device senses an amount of current...

Optimization of power system including electrolyzer
07/04/13 - 20130168236 - A power generation system including an electrolyzer may be optimized taking non-linear operational constraints into account with lower processing requirements than current solutions in real time. A pre-processing module assesses non-linear operational constraints in a low-overhead manner and passes results to an optimization module. The optimization module determines an operating...

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