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Electrolytic patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Chemistry: Electrical And Wave Energy

Apparatus > Electrolytic

Production line
06/09/11 - 20110132746 - A production line includes a number of production units, production equipments and a sliding bracket. The sliding bracket slides between the production units. Each production unit includes at least one base unit which is made in series. The at least one base unit has an enclosure. The sliding bracket and...

Recovering the compression energy in gaseous hydrogen and oxygen generated from high-pressure water electrolysis
02/04/10 - 20100025232 - Exemplary embodiments include an apparatus, and method associated therewith, for recovering the compression energy stored in hydrogen gas and oxygen gas generated by the electrolysis of water in a high-pressure water electrolyzer. The restored compression energy may be recovered and converted to a useable form to provide power to the...

Production method of equipment which carries out decomposition and separation for a gas molecule
08/27/09 - 20090211899 - Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) of atmospheric is decreased by invention of this unit, and the global warming by greenhouse effect is solved....

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