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By Pivot Between Pusher And Carrier

By Pivot Between Pusher And Carrier patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Conveyors: Power-driven

Conveyor Section > Pusher Conveyor And Separate Load Support Surface > Endless-orbiting Pusher Or Its Load Support > Pusher Connected To Endless Pusher-carrier > By Pivot Between Pusher And Carrier

Slat for a material moving system for an agricultural harvesting machine
04/17/14 - 20140102863 - A slat for use in an agricultural harvester including a web securable to a material moving system. A first and second leg extending outwardly from one side of the web, the first leg providing primary impetus for movement of crop material in a first direction by the material moving system....

Belt conveyor with snagless retractable flights
09/27/12 - 20120241292 - A belt conveyor having snagless retractable flights. The flights rotate from a retracted position generally parallel to a top conveying surface on the conveyor belt to an extended position standing up and away from the top surface. In one version of the flight, a distal edge of the flight is...

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