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Endless-orbiting Pusher Or Its Load Support

Endless-orbiting Pusher Or Its Load Support patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Conveyors: Power-driven

Conveyor Section > Pusher Conveyor And Separate Load Support Surface > Endless-orbiting Pusher Or Its Load Support

Transport apparatus
01/26/12 - 20120018282 - The invention relates to a transport apparatus for conveying a product, comprising a moveable conveying element (2) for conveying a product, a stationary sliding rail (3) that is arranged around the circumference for guiding the conveying element (2), and a drive device (5) for a linear motor for driving the...

System for the surface treatment of objects
11/24/11 - 20110284343 - The invention relates to a system for the surface treatment of objects, comprising a treatment cabinet having an entry and an exit and a conveyor system comprising pulling or pushing means, by means of which an object can be conveyed in circulation in a transport direction through the treatment cabinet,...

Sortation system pusher
02/05/09 - 20090032374 - A sortation conveyor has overlapping pusher shoes stealth profile upper surface and a “cow catcher” edge which reduces interference with mislocated packages. In a tube type sortation conveyor of one aspect of the present invention, the center of the tubes are vertically offset upwards from the center of the chain...

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