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Conveyor System Having A Gravity Conveyor Section

Conveyor System Having A Gravity Conveyor Section patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Conveyors: Power-driven

Conveyor System Having A Gravity Conveyor Section

Ball guide and method for guiding balls
11/14/13 - 20130299312 - A ball guide having a body for receiving and guiding balls of a specified size along a specified path that is defined by the body. At least one vibration generator is provided which is connected to the body in a vibration-transmitting manner....

Device and method for feeding metal material into a melting plant
09/20/12 - 20120234649 - Device for feeding metal into melting plant, in particular into melting furnace including hearth and lateral aperture. Device includes means to feed metal terminally associated with a connection conveyor including a loading plane and cooperating with translation and positioning means. Connection conveyor able to assume first position during continuous loading...

Deconsolidation device for particulate material extrusion pump
10/13/11 - 20110247916 - A deconsolidation device defines a flow path with an inlet which defines a first cross-section generally equivalent to a passageway cross-section of a particulate material extrusion pump and an outlet that defines a second cross-section different than the first cross-section....

Film forming material feeding apparatus
09/08/11 - 20110214966 - A film forming material feeding apparatus including a feeder, and a chute for sliding film forming materials supplied from the feeder into a material receiving part of a hearth, in which the chute has a bottom part for allowing the film forming materials to slide, and side parts provided at...

Trash-and -recyclables collection and lowering system
08/18/11 - 20110198195 - The preferred embodiment of the trash-and-recyclables collection and lowering system includes a paternoster like structure that includes a frame, a vehicle subsystem that includes a plurality of trash and recyclables carrying gondolas, guiderails and a drive system, a pair of chains that is connected to the plurality of gondolas at...

Dust control material transfer system
06/18/09 - 20090152073 - A device for eliminating fugitive material dust emanating from material being transferred from an upper conveyor, feeder or crusher to a lower position, or other location. The device allows adjustability of the chute's total flow capacity where increased capacity is required. The device has a sliding gate disposed in the...

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