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Auditory Canal Insert

Auditory Canal Insert patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Anatomic Or Prosthetic Relation > Ear And Mouth > Auditory Canal Insert

Invertible ear tips for an ear piece
05/16/13 - 20130118829 - An ear piece for providing audio (e.g., from an electronic device) to the user is provided. The ear piece may include a compliant element operative to be inserted in the user's ear such that the compliant element deforms to retain the ear piece in the user's ear. The compliant element...

Audio device, system and method
08/30/12 - 20120217087 - An ear device, system and method which through use of at least one vented opening, helps protect against the potentially damaging condition of temporary and even permanent hearing loss as a result of oscillating static pressure in a sealed ear canal. Embodiments include venting for earbuds, headphones, hearing aids, balanced...

Ergonomic earpiece
12/30/10 - 20100326764 - An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. The earpiece has a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends. A generally vertical rib extends substantially between the upper and lower ends of the generally arcuate rib. A lobe is formed at the upper end of the arcuate...

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