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Metal Founding


Side frame and bolster for a railway truck and method for manufacturing same
11/22/12 - 20120291976 - A method of manufacturing a bolster of a rail car that includes a pair of shoe pockets at respective ends configured to be inserted into bolster openings of respective side frames includes providing a bolster pattern for forming a drag portion and cope portion of a mold. Cores that define...

Temperature maintenance and/or possible heating apparatus for long metal products and relative method
01/26/12 - 20120018111 - A temperature maintenance and/or possible heating apparatus for long products continuously cast and sheared to size by means of shearing means so as to define segments of bloom, said apparatus being disposed between a casting machine having a first casting line and a second casting line, and a rolling line...

Rotary drum and vibratory conveyor system
11/19/09 - 20090283237 - A rotary drum and vibratory conveyor system including a single walled rotary drum positioned above a vibratory conveyor assembly. The rotary drum may be segmented with each segment having end flanges that are connected to an adjoining segment with bolts. A section or sections of the rotary drum have perforations...

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