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Internal-combustion Engines > High Tension Ignition System > Using Capacitive Storage And Discharge For Spark Energy

Using Capacitive Storage And Discharge For Spark Energy

Using Capacitive Storage And Discharge For Spark Energy patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

08/01/13 - 20130192570 - Ignition apparatus for an internal combustion engine
An ignition apparatus is provided with a Zener diode as a limiter device, which limits a primary voltage of an ignition coil to be less than a Zener voltage, and a switching circuit, which prohibits a limiter function of the Zener diode at a start of discharge and switches the...

12/08/11 - 20110297131 - Ignition apparatus of plasma jet ignition plug
There is provided an ignition apparatus of a plasma jet ignition plug, which includes a resistor R1, with one end connected to a diode D1 disposed between the plasma jet ignition plug 100 and a high-voltage generation circuit 210 and with the other end electrically connected to a center electrode...

11/18/10 - 20100288250 - Ignition enhancer for a vehicle engine
An ignition enhancer for a vehicle engine is installed between a conducting wire of a high voltage coil and a plug connector, provided with a capacitor, two conducting rods respectively extended outward from two ends of the capacitor, an insulation sleeve wrapping around the capacitor and filled with a waterproof...