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For Use With Carburetor Upstream Of Manifold

For Use With Carburetor Upstream Of Manifold patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Internal-combustion Engines

Intake Manifold > For Use With Carburetor Upstream Of Manifold

Carburetor air intake housing and air flow enhancing securement plate
05/21/15 - 20150136058 - An air intake housing and flow enhancing plate for a carburetor with a fluted and contoured air intake opening that flushly aligns with and matches the shape of the carburetor air intake opening. The low profile plate is made of metal for durability and heat resistance. The centrally located air...

Airflow attachment assembly for carburetor
06/19/14 - 20140165949 - A carburetor attachment assembly for improved engine performance including an airflow crown and a mating air cleaner base. The air flow crown is adapted to detachably mount atop a carburetor and has a contoured intake surface that guides and directs airflow into the mouth of the carburetor. The airflow crown's...

Gasket, throttle body
05/01/14 - 20140116372 - A gasket which is mounted in a groove formed in a first member and is elastic and which seals between the first member and a second member, including: a first contact section that comes in contact with the second member; a second contact member that comes in contact with one...

Saddle-ride type vehicle
03/20/14 - 20140076258 - A saddle-ride type vehicle is capable of reducing influence of travelling wind on an open end of an air hose, thus preventing fluctuations in the internal pressure of a float chamber of a carburetor. The saddle-ride type vehicle includes a carburetor placed rearward of an engine and an air cleaner...

Air supply apparatus for two-stroke combustion engine
08/29/13 - 20130220260 - The present invention relates to an air supply apparatus for a two-stroke stratified scavenging combustion engine. The air supply apparatus includes an air cleaner having an air outlet and a partition, such that the partition substantially divides the air outlet into a first section and a second section. The air...

Intake manifold for internal combustion engines
09/03/09 - 20090217899 - An intake manifold for an internal combustion engine that distributes a fuel-air mixture to an engine. The manifold includes a box-shaped chamber defined by at least four sidewalls. The chamber is mounted atop multiple intake runners, and opens to an intake plenum to which multiple runners are joined. The box-shaped...

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