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Cellulose Ether Or Salt Thereof

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Compositions: Coating Or Plastic

Miscellaneous > Carbohydrate Or Derivative Containing > Cellulosic Material > Cellulose Ether Or Salt Thereof

Method for producing water-soluble cellulose ether having low degree of polymerization and method for producing film coating composition comprising same
02/12/15 - 20150040798 - Provided are a method for producing a water-soluble cellulose ether having a low degree of polymerization and enhanced whiteness, and the like. The method includes the steps of: bringing a pulp powder having a multiplication product of less than 0.004 mm2 which is obtained by multiplying a number-average fiber length...

Process for producing cellulose derivatives of high bulk density, good flowability and improved dispersibility in cold water
01/16/14 - 20140013999 - A particulate cellulose derivative is obtained in a process of grinding and drying a moist cellulose derivative which comprises the steps of A) providing a cellulose derivative having a moisture content of from 60 to 95 percent, based on the total weight of the moist cellulose derivative, B) grinding and...

Method for preparing very low viscosity cellulose ether and product
12/09/10 - 20100307379 - The present disclosure is directed to methods for producing a very low viscosity cellulose ether having little or no discoloration and cellulose ether products resulting therefrom. The method includes contacting a cellulose ether with an oxidizing agent and an acid to form a mixture. The mixture is then heated and...

Cellulose ether coating compositions and method
11/04/10 - 20100275814 - The present disclosure Is directed to cellulose ether compositions for film-forming coating applications. A coating composition is provided which contains an aqueous solution of either a very low viscosity cellulose ether or a low-hydroxypropyl cellulose ether, the coating composition having low color, The low viscosity of the cellulose ether component...