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Carbohydrate Or Derivative Containing

Carbohydrate Or Derivative Containing patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Compositions: Coating Or Plastic

Miscellaneous > Carbohydrate Or Derivative Containing

Method for the manufacture of fibrous yarn
11/13/14 - 20140331893 - Disclosed is a method for the manufacture of fibrous yarn including the steps, where an aqueous suspension including fibers and at least one rheology modifier is provided, followed by directing the suspension through at least one nozzle, to form at least one yarn, and then dewatering the yarn....

Novel acetoacetoxy and enamine compounds and coatings therefrom
02/14/13 - 20130036939 - The invention relates to enamine resins which are the reaction products of a) an acetoacetylated resin, and a C1-C20 alkyl amine or a mixture of C1-C20 alkyl amines. The acetoacetylated resin is the reaction product of a polyol having 4 or more hydroxyl groups; and at least one acetoacetate. The...

Novel binder for pelletizing mineral rock fines
12/01/11 - 20110290148 - This invention relates the use of corn steep liquor, in liquid form, as a pellet binder for mineral rock fines. The use of Corn Steep Liquor as a binder provides a durable, abrasion resistant pellet that can withstand rough handling without crumbling....

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