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Removing Skin

Removing Skin patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Foods And Beverages: Apparatus

Means To Treat Food > Subdividing Into Plural Products > Separating One External Portion From The Remaining Food > Removing Skin

Garlic peeler
12/04/14 - 20140352555 - A garlic clove peeler comprising a housing formed with a clove receiving compartment and with a friction wall and a balloon-like complimentary peeling element made of resilient material and having a shaft that has a rotational axis and that removably connects to the housing. The peeling element being formed with...

Onion peeling device
12/20/12 - 20120318151 - The invention relates to an onion peeler comprising a first part (1, 1′) adapted to hold an onion (4) and at least one second part (2, 2′) comprising a frame on which first and/or second arms (7a, 7b; 8a, 8b) are arranged around an opening (6, 6′). First free ends...

Assembled peeler
04/12/12 - 20120085249 - The present invention relates to an assembled peeler, comprising: a rod-shaped handle, the front thereof is axially and protrudingly installed with a buckling tenon or radially installed with a buckling slot; and at least one knife rack, the front thereof is formed with an opening for receiving a knife tool,...

Peeling apparatus
01/07/10 - 20100000423 - A peeling apparatus includes a peel body and a ceramic blade unit. The peel body has a handgrip part and two carrier arms extending from a distal end of the handgrip part. The ceramic blade unit has two opposite sides connected pivotally to the carrier arms, an inner cutting edge...

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