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Means Assembling Preforms Into A Sandwich

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Foods And Beverages: Apparatus

Edible Laminated Product Making Apparatus > Means Assembling Preforms Into A Sandwich

System and method for dispensing toppings
02/26/15 - 20150053097 - One variation of a method for dispensing toppings onto topping vehicles includes: indexing a first topping vehicle to a first position adjacent a first topping module, the first topping module comprising a first hopper containing a first topping of a first topping type; indexing a second topping vehicle to a...

Apparatuses and methods for the production of sandwich food items
05/01/14 - 20140116266 - The present invention relates to apparatuses and processes for the production of sandwich food items that include filler....

Food dispensing apparatus
08/08/13 - 20130199381 - A food dispensing apparatus for preparing a sandwich. The apparatus includes a housing including a bun pocket forming mechanism, a bun transfer member, and a pair of opposing driven rollers. The pocket forming mechanism includes a motor-driven articulating cutting disc which forms a food receiving slit into a bun as...

Stencil assembly for depositing food product and related sandwiching machine
07/07/11 - 20110162536 - A stencil assembly for use in depositing filling onto wafers includes a stencil tube defining a lengthwise passage for flow of filling, the stencil tube including an outer surface, and at least two axially spaced apart filling outlets passing through a wall of the tube. A first stencil die is...

Installation for producing sandwich cookies and the like
02/10/11 - 20110030566 - The invention relates to a system for the production of sandwich cookies, having a suction belt conveyor (2) disposed along a sandwiching path, the sandwich cookies being created on the suction belt (11) of said sandwiching path. Successively disposed over the suction band conveyor (2) are: a cookie depositing head...