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Ball Or Roller Bearing

Ball Or Roller Bearing patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Movable Or Removable Closures

With Means Mounting Closure For Reciprocation > With Distinct Biasing Means For Slide Or Guide > Ball Or Roller Bearing

Support for a rolling closure
07/03/14 - 20140182211 - wherein at least one of the wheels is adapted to be substantially enclosed within a track....

Device for sliding door leaves with co-planar closure, particularly for furniture and the like
07/03/14 - 20140182212 - The device includes a second pair of wheels which are, together with the first pair of wheels, slideably engaged with the head respectively of a first guide and of a second guide which are T-shaped in cross-section, arc-shaped in plan view and the stem of which protrudes from the top...

Slide door device for vehicle
08/15/13 - 20130205671 - Provided is a slide door device for a vehicle, including: a body side lower rail disposed below a door opening formed on a side of a vehicle body and extends in a front-rear direction; a body side rail disposed above the body side lower rail and behind the door opening...

Apparatus for sliding gates or sliding doors
12/17/09 - 20090307981 - The invention relates to a device (1) for slidable devices such as sliding gates or sliding doors. In order to render possible a compact and nevertheless stable construction of the device (1), it is provided according to the invention that the device (1) has a supporting or retaining device (2)...

Combined mechanism of roller and shaft
11/05/09 - 20090272040 - The combined mechanism of roller and shaft has a roller provided with dust and moisture proof means at both surfaces thereof that contribute to smooth operation of the mechanism for prolonged lifespan. The hollow structure of the shaft results in saving the material and fabrication costs. The shaft is successfully...