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Organic Compound Containing -nc Or -cn Group

Organic Compound Containing -nc Or -cn Group patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Fuel And Related Compositions

Liquid Fuels (excluding Fuels That Are Exclusively Mixtures Of Liquid Hydrocarbons) > Organic Compound Containing -nc Or -cn Group

Liquid fuel compositions
06/26/14 - 20140173972 - The liquid fuel composition of the present invention provides benefits in terms of improved acceleration and/or power output of an internal combustion engine fuelled by said fuel as well as an increase in flame speed....

Liquid fuel compositions
06/26/14 - 20140173973 - The liquid fuel composition of the present invention provides benefits in terms of power output of a diesel engine, and modifying the ignition delay and/or modifying the burn period and/or increasing the cetane number of the liquid fuel composition....

Polyisobutenyl alcohols and fuel compositions
06/21/12 - 20120151830 - wherein n is an integer from 5 to 90, R is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, haloalkyl, alkoxycarbonyl and substituted aryl wherein at least one substituent group of the substituted aryl is selected from cyano, nitro and alkoxycarbonyl....

Aviation fuel containing a proportion of organic compunds from biomass
01/19/12 - 20120011765 - The invention relates to an aviation fuel containing between 1 and 100 wt.-% of a fraction of a compound obtained by means of chemical transformation from renewable, natural optionally-hydroxylated monounsaturated fatty acids having a chain length at least equal to 14 carbon atoms, selected from among nitriles and medium fatty...

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