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Seines patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Fishing, Trapping, And Vermin Destroying

Fishing > Nets > Seines

Floatation device
06/05/14 - 20140150327 - A floatation device. The floatation device may comprise: at least two float portions and one or more fasteners. The two float portions may be opposing halves of a floatation float configured to form a float when combined. The one or more fasteners may be aligned and positioned on the outer...

Seine floatation device
09/19/13 - 20130239455 - The present invention is floatation device for seines or fishing nets, which preferably includes: at least two cork portions and one or more pairs of fastener inserts. The two cork portions are preferably opposing halves of a floatation cork configured to form a cork when combined. The one or more...

Hardened purse ring
04/15/10 - 20100088945 - A purse ring for interconnecting a purse seine to a purse line is disclosed. Structurally, the purse ring includes a frame defining an aperture, with two rollers mounted across the aperture. As constructed, the rollers and the first and second sides of the frame between the rollers define a periphery...

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