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Scoop Or Excavating And Transporting Container

Scoop Or Excavating And Transporting Container patent applications listed include Date, Patent Application Number, Patent Title, Patent Abstract summary and are linked to the corresponding patent application page.

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Scoop Or Excavating And Transporting Container

Multi-function wheel loader linkage control with optimized power management
03/08/12 - 20120055050 - A hydraulic system and earth-moving vehicle employing the hydraulic system are disclosed. The hydraulic system may include a first hydraulic cylinder and a second hydraulic cylinder, first and second hydraulic pumps and control valves to modulate provision of hydraulic fluid and pressure from the first and second hydraulic pumps to...

Dig under apparatus and process
04/21/11 - 20110088291 - A soil removal apparatus in one embodiment has a motive power unit and an excavator joined to the motive power unit by a coupler, the excavator extending laterally of the motive power unit. The coupler includes a manipulator for manipulating the excavator to loosen and displace soil material in a...

Hydraulic locking mechanism for securing tooth carrying adapters to lips of excavating buckets and the like
03/17/11 - 20110061271 - A connection for firmly securing an adapter for detachably carrying a replaceable digging tooth at its front end to a lip of an excavating container of excavating equipment. The adapter has an upper leg and a lower leg located proximate respective upper and lower surfaces of the lip. The connection...

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