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  1. Can you help me file a patent?

  2. No, at least not directly. We only track patent applications. Check LegalZoom for making your own provisional patent applications or your local patent attorney for a full patent application.

  3. I just signed up a few minutes ago and didn't get the registration email

  4. If you just signed up a few minutes ago, please be patient. On some rare occasions, when our mail system is very busy, it could take longer, perhaps several hours to receive the verification email. If it takes longer, use the support form above to contact us and we will investigate.

  5. When do patent applications get listed on your site?

  6. Short Answer: Usually within 24-72 hours from when the USPTO releases it. Sometimes a technical problem may cause a short delay on the PDFs and images.

    Longer Answer: The USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) gets the initial patent application from the inventor or patent agent. But it can take a while to grant or deny a patent application. During the period of waiting for a USPTO grant decision, the USPTO publishes the patent application at some point (usually after 18 months) and the general public may view the full contents and it is in the public domain. (note: does not have access to and does not publish confidential and/or non-USPTO-published Patent Applications!)

    Next, (no affiliation with the USPTO) empowers users with FREE tools to better find and track published patent applications. features the latest published US patent applications...which is certainly useful for your business and technology intelligence needs. Register

  7. Can you help contact the inventor or agent of a patent by mail or email?

  8. No, we do not have email addresses for the inventors or agents and can not faciliate contact. If you search on the website you may be able get further contact information.

  9. Can you make a change to my patent, name, address etc.?

  10. We cannot make modifications to the patent applications. Published patents are legal documentation in the public domain published by the US Government, and publicly viewable online at the USPTO--we have no control over this and do not have the authority to make changes to the official legal documents. You may wish to check with the USPTO to modify your application.

  11. I am a patent inventor/agent and not listed on your website, how do I get listed, and can you help me promote my product?

  12. You should be listed if you are on a patent application published from less than one year ago. However, after roughly one year we may drop the applications/inventor/agent listed. Our site focuses on new patent applications. Note that it is usually after 18 months from initial USPTO filing until the patent application is published. We cannot help market patents.

  13. I thought my patent application was confidential, so why is it on your site?

  14. All the patents on our site have been published by the USPTO and are in the public domain. One of the purposes of a patent is to notify the public that an invention has been registered. In order for other inventors to know what has already been patented, they have to see the patent. Thus, the patent document is released by the US government into the public domain.

    We do not have any special access to confidential patent applications or private information, only what the USPTO disseminates already to the general public. In the past we have purchased data services by contract directly from the USPTO. If you believe an error was made publishing your patent application you will have to check with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). In some cases we may remove patents or patent info from our site by request such as in cases of errors, retracted patents or patents rescinded by the USPTO. However, any info removed from our site would still be available to the general public at the USPTO unless they remove it from their site.

  15. Do you have the images associated with the patent applications?

  16. We do provide most image pdfs and for patents after January 2008, and will be providing more and broader services in this area in the near future.

  17. How do I get in touch with you if I cannot reach you via this form?

  18. We are on Twitter and Google+. You can also reach us through Gmail - freshpatentscontact.

The terms and conditions for the site are here: Terms and Conditions