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Section 2: Apparel/Textiles, Business Services, Chemistry/Physics Processes-Materials, Construction, Energy, Engines, Homes, Minerals/Metals,Transportation ...;

Section 1: Computers, Imaging, Electrical, Industrial, Telecom, Medical
also Entertainment, Food, Firearms...

Computer Hardware
Electrical computers: arithmetic processing and calculating
Electrical computers and digital processing systems: multicomputer data transferring or plural processor synchronization
Computer graphics processing, operator interface processing, and selective visual display systems
Incremental printing of symbolic information
Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output
Electrical computers and digital processing systems: memory
Electrical computers and digital processing systems: processing architectures and instruction processing (e.g., processors)
Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support
Virtual machine task or process management or task management/control
Interprogram communication or interprocess communication (ipc)
Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval
Static information storage and retrieval
Dynamic information storage or retrieval
Typewriting machines
Recording, communication, or information retrieval equipment
Machines not elsewhere specified

Computer Software
Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications
Vehicles, navigation, and relative location
Measuring, calibrating, or testing
Structural design, modeling, simulation, and emulation
Speech signal processing, linguistics, language translation, and audio compression/decompression
Financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination
Artificial intelligence
Database and file management or data structures
Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery
Data processing: presentation processing of document
Data processing: design and analysis of circuit or semiconductor mask
Data processing: software development, installation, and management

Liquid crystal cells, elements and systems
Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting
Optics: motion pictures
Optics: image projectors
Optics: measuring and testing
Facsimile and static presentation processing
Optical: systems and elements
Image analysis
Optical waveguides
Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing
Optical communications
Radiation imagery chemistry: process, composition, or product thereof
Interactive video distribution systems
Photography and optical equipment

Electronics & Electrical
Electricity: conductors and insulators
Electricity: circuit makers and breakers
High-voltage switches with arc preventing or extinguishing devices
Electric heating
Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes)
Electrical generator or motor structure
Electric lamp and discharge devices
Electric lamp and discharge devices: consumable electrodes
Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems
Electricity: motive power systems
Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging
Electricity: single generator systems
Electricity: power supply or regulation systems
Electricity: measuring and testing
Electronic digital logic circuitry
Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems
Wave transmission lines and networks
Electricity: magnetically operated switches, magnets, and electromagnets
Inductor devices
Electricity: electrothermally or thermally actuated switches
Electrical resistors
Electricity: electrical systems and devices
Electric power conversion systems
Horology: time measuring systems or devices
Coherent light generators
Industrial electric heating furnaces
Thermal measuring and testing
Electrical pulse counters, pulse dividers, or shift registers: circuits and systems
Electricity: motor control systems
Electric resistance heating devices
Electrical transmission or interconnection systems
Semiconductor device manufacturing: process
Electrical connectors
Electric lamp or space discharge component or device manufacturing
Superconductor technology: apparatus, material, process
Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying
Tent, canopy, umbrella, or cane
Amusement devices: games
Amusement devices
Games using tangible projectile
Musical instruments
Musical instruments
Games, toys, and sports goods

Food & Beverage
Foods and beverages: apparatus
Sugar, starch, and carbohydrates
Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products
Edible products
Equipment for preparing or serving food or drink not elsewhere specified
Tobacco and smokers' supplies

Industrial Tools/Resources
Compound tools
Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning
Miscellaneous hardware
Geometrical instruments
Abrasive tool making process,material, or composition
Glass manufacturing
Measuring and testing
Machine element or mechanism
Horizontally supported planar surfaces
Coating apparatus
Cleaning and liquid contact with solids
Pipes and tubular conduits
Fluent material handling, with receiver or receiver coacting means
Wood turning
Wheelwright machines
Concentrating evaporators
Tool driving or impacting
Weighing scales
Conveyors, chutes, skids, guides, and ways
Check-actuated control mechanisms
Conveyors: power-driven
Supports: racks
Bottles and jars
Wooden receptacles
Elongated-member-driving apparatus
Winding, tensioning, or guiding
Static molds
Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force
Spring devices
Work holders
Seal for a joint or juncture
Chucks or sockets
Pipe joints/couplings
Knots and knot tying
Prime-mover dynamo plants
Track sanders
Closure fasteners
Hoist-line implements
Brush, broom, and mops
Flexible bags
Binder device releasably engaging aperture or notch of sheet
Joints and connections
Hydraulic and earth engineering
Conveyors: fluid current
Cutters, for shaping
Cutting by use of rotating axially moving tool
Gear cutting, milling, or planing
Expanded, threaded, driven, headed, tool-deformed, or locked-threaded fastener
Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps
Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)
Rotary expansible chamber devices
Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus
Coating processes
Stock material or miscellaneous articles
Rotary shafts, gudgeons, housings, and flexible couplings for rotary shafts
Threaded, headed fastener, or washer making: process and apparatus
Tool changing
Roll or roller
Imperforate bowl: centrifugal separators
Tools and hardware
Measuring, testing, or signalling instruments
Washing, cleaning, or drying machine

Medical, Health & Biology & Drug
Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions
Exercise devices
Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions
Surgery: kinesitherapySurgery: splint, brace, or bandage
Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application
Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor
Peptide or protein sequence
Medical and laboratory equipment

Security/Law Enforcement: Locks
Safes, bank protection, or a related device
Fire extinguishers
Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold
Equipment for safety, protection, and rescue (1)

Telecommunications/Radio: Communications: electrical
Coded data generation or conversion
Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)
Communications: radio wave antennas
Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices
Multiplex communications
Pulse or digital communications
X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices
Telephonic communications
Electronic funds transfer