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Yoichi Ando patents

Recent patents with Yoichi Ando listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Yoichi Ando - Related organizations: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system

02/05/15 - 20150036801 - A radiation generating apparatus 1 comprising a radiation generating unit 2 which emits radiation, and a movable diaphragm unit 3 which is arranged on the radiation generating unit 2, wherein the movable diaphragm unit 3 has restriction blades 18 which adjust a size of a radiation field, a light source
Inventors: Yasuo Ohashi, Yoichi Ikarashi, Yoichi Ando

Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system

04/24/14 - 20140112442 - A radiation generating apparatus includes a radiation generating unit and a diaphragm unit that functions as a projector-collimator configured to simulate a radiation field with a visible-light field. The diaphragm unit includes a light source configured to generate visible light, an optical lens configured to control a state of diffusion
Inventors: Yoichi Ikarashi, Yoichi Ando, Yasuo Ohashi

Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system

01/23/14 - 20140023176 - Provided is a radiation generating apparatus, including: a radiation generating unit for emitting radiation; and a movable diaphragm unit including a light projecting/sighting system for making a simulation display of a radiation field with visible light. The light projecting/sighting system includes: a light source of the visible light; a light
Inventors: Yasuo Ohashi, Yoichi Ikarashi, Yoichi Ando

Electrostatic lens and method of manufacturing the same

12/19/13 - 20130334437 - An electrostatic lens includes a first electrode and a second electrode that are arranged oppositely relative to each other with a gap separating them from each other and the first and second electrodes have respective through-holes for allowing a charged particle beam to pass through the through-hole, wherein at least
Inventors: Tadayuki Yoshitake, Yoichi Ando

Charged particle beam forming aperture and charged particle beam exposure apparatus

02/28/13 - 20130048882 - An aperture that forms a charged particle beam includes a non-evaporable getter on a surface of the aperture. The non-evaporable getter is disposed in a position to which the charged particle beam is irradiated. The degradation of the exhaust performance around a charged particle source while the charged particle source
Inventors: Tadayuki Yoshitake, Yoichi Ando

Non-evaporable getter for field-emission display

09/29/11 - 20110234091 - The present invention provides a non-evaporable getter for an FED which can remove a plurality of types of gases. The non-evaporable getter for the FED has a first layer containing titanium, and a second layer containing crystalline zirconium layered on the first layer. The average value of crystalline grain sizes
Inventors: Tadayuki Yoshitake, Takuto Moriguchi, Yoichi Ando

Manufacturing methods of airtight container and image display apparatus

11/26/09 - 20090291611 - Provided is a manufacturing method of an airtight container, comprising: an electron beam irradiation process for irradiating an electron beam to a non-evaporable type getter that has not been activated so as not to activate the non-evaporable type getter; and a sealing process for sealing a seal portion after the
Inventors: Takayuki Sekine, Yoichi Ando, Yasue Sato, Makoto Kojima, Kota Iwasaki

Manufacturing method of vacuum airtight container

08/06/09 - 20090197498 - To provide a method of manufacturing a vacuum airtight container, capable of activating a non-evaporable getter having a different activation temperature, without providing a process of giving external energy other than heat to be used in a baking process, the method of manufacturing the vacuum airtight container according to the
Inventors: Tokutaka Miura, Mitsutoshi Hasegawa, Yoichi Ando

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