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Recent patents with Yi Li listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Disambiguating intents within search engine result pages

06/23/16 - 20160179970 - Systems, computer-readable media, and methods for generating search engine results pages are provided. A user provides a search engine with one or more query terms. The query terms may be associated with an intent, e.g. product entity, store entity, person entity. The search engine classifies the query and identifies search
Inventors: Kang Li, Yi Li, Richard Qian

Information interface generation and/or population

09/03/15 - 20150248216 - One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating an information interface. For example, a user signal associated with a user may be identified (e.g., an email about a videogame console reservation, the user selecting a videogame review section of a shopping website, etc.). The user signal may be
Inventors: Yi Li, Yu-ting Kuo, Gaurav Anand, Ting Cai, Catalin Teodor Milos, Wei Wei

Tile-centric user interface for query-based representative content of search result documents

12/18/14 - 20140372419 - Architecture that represents search results as tiles in a tile-based user interface. The tiles can be images or icons selected to represent a search result or multiple search results. In a broader implementation the tiles can be related to entities as derived from the search results. A web document is
Inventors: Yi Li, Yu-ting Kuo, Heung-yeung Shum

Application content search management

12/04/14 - 20140358887 - A search service accesses application content accessible via one or more enumerated applications. The search service ranks the accessed application content in combination with non-application content to produce a combined ranking. Responsive to a search query, the search service provides one or more search results based on the combined ranking.
Inventors: Max Glenn Morris, Robert Emmett Kolba, Jr., Yi Li, Kang Li, Tyler Beam, Kyle Beck, Rylan Hawkins, Daniel Oliver, Sandy Wong, Shajib Sadhukha

Disambiguating intents within search engine result pages

12/12/13 - 20130332438 - Systems, computer-readable media, and methods for generating search engine results pages are provided. A user provides a search engine with one or more query terms. The query terms may be associated with an intent, e.g. product entity, store entity, person entity. The search engine classifies the query and identifies search
Inventors: Kang Li, Yi Li, Richard Qian

Framework for document knowledge extraction

09/19/13 - 20130246435 - A knowledge extraction framework may iteratively enrich an ontology that is used to classify structured knowledge obtained from web pages based on structured knowledge previously acquired from other web pages. The framework may enable a user to define the ontology for extracting structured knowledge from a plurality of web pages.
Inventors: Jun Yan, Lei Ji, Edward W. Wild, Yi Li, Ning Liu, Zheng Chen

Knowledge-based entity detection and disambiguation

07/04/13 - 20130173604 - An entity-based search system is described herein that detects and recognizes entities in Internet-based content and uses this recognition to organize search results. The system associates one or more entity identifiers with a web page and stores this information as metadata of the page in a search engine index. This
Inventors: Kang Li, Yi Li, Yiping Zhou, Zhengdong Lv, Yohn Cao

Multi-modal approach to search query input

05/10/12 - 20120117051 - Search queries containing multiple modes of query input are used to identify responsive results. The search queries can be composed of combinations of keyword or text input, image input, video input, audio input, or other modes of input. The multiple modes of query input can be present in an initial
Inventors: Jiyang Liu, Jian Sun, Heung-yeung Shum, Xiaosong Yang, Yu-ting Kuo, Lei Zhang, Yi Li, Qifa Ke, Ce Liu

Visual-cue refinement of user query results

03/29/12 - 20120078936 - Methods and computer-storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon that facilitate refining query results using visual cues are provided. Query results are determined in response to an indication of a user query. One or more groups of query results are generated from the query results based on categories of query
Inventors: Yu-ting Kuo, Yi Li, Fang Wen, Qifa Ke, Jian Sun

Scalable face image retrieval

12/08/11 - 20110299743 - A system for identifying individuals in digital images and for providing matching digital images is provided. A set of images that include faces of known individuals is received. Faces are detected in the images and facial components are identified in each face. Visual words corresponding to the facial components are
Inventors: Qifa Ke, Yi Li, Heung-yeung Shum, Jian Sun, Zhong Wu

Associating media with metadata of near-duplicates

12/01/11 - 20110295775 - Techniques for identifying near-duplicates of a media object and associating metadata of the near-duplicates with the media object are described herein. One or more devices implementing the techniques are configured to identify the near duplicates based at least on similarity attributes included in the media object. Metadata is then extracted
Inventors: Xin-jing Wang, Lei Zhang, Ming Liu, Yi Li, Wei-ying Ma

Search result enhancement through image duplicate detection

05/05/11 - 20110106798 - Systems, methods, and computer media for enhancing user search query results are provided. Upon receiving a user search query, relevant images are identified. Duplicate image information for the relevant images is accessed in an index. The index includes information extracted from individual images or duplicates and information aggregated according to
Inventors: Yi Li, Lei Zhang, Qifa Ke

Content-based image search

05/05/11 - 20110106782 - Image descriptor identifiers are used for content-based search. A plurality of descriptors is determined for an image. The descriptors represent the content of the image at respective interest points identified in the image. The descriptors are mapped to respective descriptor identifiers. The image can thus be represented as a set
Inventors: Qifa Ke, Ming Liu, Yi Li

Image metadata propagation

05/05/11 - 20110103699 - Methods and computer-readable media for propagating content category information to images stored in a database are described. A seed image that is associated with a known content category is received. A content-based image retrieval is conducted using the seed image as a search query image. A number of search result
Inventors: Qifa Ke, Ming Liu, Yi Li, Rui Hu, Yanfeng Sun

Extracting data content items using template matching

03/05/09 - 20090063500 - Systems and methods for extracting data content items from a web page are provided. A template is created by labeling data content items of interest associated with a web page and generating a template Document Object Model (DOM) tree based on the labeled web page. DOM trees are also generated
Inventors: Yanhong Zhai, Yi Li, Richard Qian, Hong Gao, Lei Tan

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