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Ye-yi Wang patents

Recent patents with Ye-yi Wang listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Representation learning using multi-task deep neural networks

02/02/17 - 20170032035 - A system may comprise one or more processors and memory storing instructions that, when executed by one or more processors, configure one or more processors to perform a number of operations or tasks, such as receiving a query or a document, and mapping the query or the document into a
Inventors: Jianfeng Gao, Li Deng, Xiaodong He, Ye-yi Wang, Kevin Duh, Xiaodong Liu

Contextual people recommendations

11/03/16 - 20160323398 - Techniques for providing a people recommendation system for predicting and recommending relevant people (or other entities) to include in a conversation based on contextual indicators. In an exemplary embodiment, email recipient recommendations may be suggested based on contextual signals, e.g., project names, body text, existing recipients, current date and time,
Inventors: Chenlei Guo, Jianfeng Gao, Xinying Song, Byungki Byun, Yelong Shen, Ye-yi Wang, Brian D. Remick, Edward Thiele, Mohammed Aatif Ali, Marcus Gois, Xiaodong He, Jianshu Chen, Divya Jetley, Stephen Friesen

Relevance group suggestions

11/03/16 - 20160321283 - Techniques for providing a people recommendation system for predicting and recommending relevant people (or other entities) to include in a conversation. In an exemplary embodiment, a plurality of conversation boxes associated with communications between a user and target recipients, or between other users and recipients, are collected and stored as
Inventors: Yelong Shen, Xinying Song, Jianfeng Gao, Chenlei Guo, Byungki Byun, Ye-yi Wang, Brian D. Remick, Edward Thiele, Mohammed Aatif Ali, Marcus Gois, Yang Zou, Mariana Stepp, Divya Jetley, Stephen Friesen

Context-sensitive content recommendation using enterprise search and public search

10/20/16 - 20160306798 - Architecture that recommends (suggests) personalized and relevant documents from internal networks and/or public networks (search engines) to help the user complete/update a document currently being worked. The architecture extracts the query and uses the context to perform the search, and performs the search from within the editing application, using the
Inventors: Chenlei Guo, Yeyi Wang, Jianfeng Gao, Ashish Garg, Karen Stabile, Divya Jetley

Extension of third party application functionality for intent determination

08/18/16 - 20160239568 - Intent determination as a service (IaaS) is disclosed. A third party application may be provided access to an IaaS service. The third party application and the IaaS system may exchange or be provided registration data and information that allow configuration of data and interfaces used in provision of IaaS to
Inventors: Alan Packer, Ravi Bikkula, Ye-yi Wang

Context-sensitive search using a deep learning model

10/15/15 - 20150293976 - A search engine is described herein for providing search results based on a context in which a query has been submitted, as expressed by context information. The search engine operates by ranking a plurality of documents based on a consideration of the query, and based, in part, on a context
Inventors: Chenlei Guo, Jianfeng Gao, Ye-yi Wang, Li Deng, Xiaodong He

Query simplification

09/18/14 - 20140279995 - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for query simplification are provided. A search engine executed by a server receives a query. In response, the search engine determines whether the query is a long or hard query. For long or hard queries, the search engine drops one or more terms based on
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Xiaodong He, Xiaolong Li, Shihao Ji, Bin Zhang

Exploiting the semantic web for unsupervised natural language semantic parsing

08/21/14 - 20140236575 - Structured web pages are accessed and parsed to obtain implicit annotation for natural language understanding tasks. Search queries that hit these structured web pages are automatically mined for information that is used to semantically annotate the queries. The automatically annotated queries may be used for automatically building statistical unsupervised slot
Inventors: Gokhan Tur, Dilek Hakkani-tur, Larry Heck, Minwoo Jeong, Ye-yi Wang

Meta classifier for query intent classification

04/10/14 - 20140101119 - Systems and methods are provided for classifying a search query. A first group of query classifiers can be used to evaluate a query relative to various subject matter domains. The evaluation results from the first group of domain classifiers can then be used by a second group of meta-classifiers. The
Inventors: Xiaolong Li, Ye-yi Wang

Dialog-enhanced contextual search query analysis

12/20/12 - 20120323948 - Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and computer-storage media for a method of contextually analyzing terms within a search query. In one embodiment, a received search query is classified into a domain category. Additionally, information is assigned to a schema associated with the domain by analyzing the
Inventors: Shipeng Li, Ye-yi Wang, Xiaochuan Ni, Jian-tao Sun, Zheng Chen, Zhimin Zhang, Xiaolong Li, Xuedong Huang, Li Jiang

Confidence measure generation for speech related searching

07/19/12 - 20120185252 - A method of generating a confidence measure generator is provided for use in a voice search system, the voice search system including voice search components comprising a speech recognition system, a dialog manager and a search system. The method includes selecting voice search features, from a plurality of the voice
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Yun-cheng Ju, Dong Yu

Search lexicon expansion

06/21/12 - 20120158703 - One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for creating an expanded or improved lexicon for use in search-based semantic tagging. A set of first documents can be identified using a set of first lexicon elements as queries, and one or more first document patterns can be extracted from the
Inventors: Xiao Li, Jingjing Liu, Alejandro Acero, Ye-yi Wang

Template concatenation for capturing multiple concepts in a voice query

12/22/11 - 20110314003 - Architecture that provides the capability to identify which parts (terms and phrases) of a voice query have been covered by predefined phrase templates, and then to concatenate matching phrase templates into a new paraphrased query. A match-drop-continue algorithm is disclosed that progressively masks out the portions (phrases, terms) of the
Inventors: Yun-cheng Ju, Wei Wu, Ye-yi Wang, Xiao Li

Dynamic search interaction

08/18/11 - 20110202533 - This patent application pertains to dynamic search interaction. One example includes an organizational component configured to obtain a search query from a user. The organizational component can also be configured to obtain related search queries. The organizational component can further be configured to organize the related search queries by topic
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Robert L. Rounthwaite, Scott K. Imig

Extraction and publication of reusable organizational knowledge

07/21/11 - 20110179061 - An analysis module, when triggered by a synchronization framework when a new data item is added to a project data store, runs a series of analysis feature extractors on the new content. An analysis may be conducted, and features of interest may be extracted from the data item. The analysis
Inventors: Venkat Pradeep Chilakamarri, Nicholas Caldwell, Saliha Azzam, Yizheng Cai, Benjamin Edward Childs, Arun Chitrapu, Steven Dimmick, Michael Gamon, Bernhard Sj Kohlmeier, Shiun-zu Kuo, Jonathan C. Ludwig, Kimberly Manis, Courtney Anne O'keefe, Diego Perez Del Carpio, Tu Huy Phan, Kevin Powell, Jignesh Shah, Ashish Sharma, Paulus Willem Ter Horst, Mukta Pramod Walvekar, Ye-yi Wang

Automatic aggregation across data stores and content types

07/21/11 - 20110179049 - Project-related data may be aggregated from various data sources, given context, and may be stored in a data repository or organizational knowledge base that may be available to and accessed by others. Documents, emails, contact information, calendar data, social networking data, and any other content that is related to a
Inventors: Nicholas Caldwell, Venkat Pradeep Chilakamarri, Saliha Azzam, Yizheng Cai, Michael Calcagno, Benjamin Edward Childs, Arun Chitrapu, Steven Dimmick, Michael Gamon, Bernhard Sj Kohlmeier, Shiun-zu Kuo, Jonathan C. Ludwig, Kimberly Manis, Courtney Anne O'keefe, Diego Perez Del Carpio, Tu Huy Phan, Kevin Powell, Jignesh Shah, Ashish Sharma, Paulus Willem Ter Horst, Mukta Pramod Walvekar, Ye-yi Wang

Acquisition of semantic class lexicons for query tagging

10/21/10 - 20100268725 - A user's search experience may be enhanced by providing additional content based upon an understanding of the user's intent. Query tagging, the assigning of semantic labels to terms within a query, is one technique that may be utilized to determine the context of a user's search query. Accordingly, as provided
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Xiao Li, Raphael D. Hoffmann

Product or service review summarization using attributes

07/01/10 - 20100169317 - Described is a technology in which product or service reviews are automatically processed to form a summary for each single product or service. Snippets from the reviews are extracted and classified into sentiment classes (e.g., as positive or negative) based on their wording. Attributes are assigned to the reviews, e.g.,
Inventors: Inventors: Xiao Li, Ye-yi WangXiao Li, Ye-yi Wang, Ye-yi Wang, Sibel Yaman

Replying to text messages via automated voice search techniques

06/10/10 - 20100145694 - An automated “Voice Search Message Service” provides a voice-based user interface for generating text messages from an arbitrary speech input. Specifically, the Voice Search Message Service provides a voice-search information retrieval process that evaluates user speech inputs to select one or more probabilistic matches from a database of pre-defined or
Inventors: Yun-cheng Ju, Ye-yi Wang

Constructing a classifier for classifying queries

12/31/09 - 20090327260 - To construct a classifier, a data structure correlating queries to items identified by the queries is received, where the data structure contains initial labeled queries that have been labeled with respect to predetermined classes, and unlabeled queries that have not been labeled with respect to the predetermined classes. The data
Inventors: Xiao Li, Ye-yi Wang

Computer-aided natural language annotation

11/05/09 - 20090276380 - The present invention uses a natural language understanding system that is currently being trained to assist in annotating training data for training that natural language understanding system. Unannotated training data is provided to the system and the system proposes annotations to the training data. The user is offered an opportunity
Inventors: Alejandro Acero, Ye-yi Wang, Leon Wong

Maximum entropy model parameterization

06/11/09 - 20090150308 - Described is a technology by which a maximum entropy model used for classification is trained with a significantly lesser amount of training data than is normally used in training other maximum entropy models, yet provides similar accuracy to the others. The maximum entropy model is initially parameterized with parameter values
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Alejandro Acero

Confidence measure generation for speech related searching

02/05/09 - 20090037175 - A voice search system has a speech recognizer, a search component, and a dialog manager. A confidence measure generator receives speech recognition features from the speech recognizer, search features from the search component, and dialog features from the dialog manager, and calculates an overall confidence measure for voice search results
Inventors: Ye-yi Wang, Yun-cheng Ju, Dong Yu

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