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Xiao Liang patents

Recent patents with Xiao Liang listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Xiao Liang - Related organizations: Microsoft Corporation patents, Peking University patents

Direct manipulation interface for data analysis

09/10/15 - 20150254369 - Implementations are described related to users directly manipulating visual depictions of aspects of a data set displayed in a user interface to generate or modify visual representations of the data set, such as a chart. The direct manipulation may be either through a computer input device, (e.g., a keyboard or
Inventors: Zhitao Hou, Haidong Zhang, Bryan Dove, Dongmei Zhang, Xiao Liang, He Huang

Distributed system for downloading internet information and a method thereof

07/03/14 - 20140189062 - A distributed system for downloading distributed Internet information and a method thereof are disclosed. A distribution subsystem receives downloading task information from a user, and sends the downloading task information to a downloading subsystem. The downloading subsystem downloads task result information according to the downloading task information, and sends the
Inventors: Lei Yan, Xiao Liang, Xiaoming Yu, Jianwu Yang

Enhanced navigation for touch-surface device

05/22/14 - 20140143688 - An enhanced navigation system detects a predetermined input gesture from a user and presents one or more gesture panels at pre-designated positions on a display of a touch-surface device or positions determined based on where a user is likely to hold the device. The user may navigate content of the
Inventors: Zhitao Hou, Xiao Liang, Dongmei Zhang, Haidong Zhang

Data exploration user interface

02/20/14 - 20140053091 - A data exploration user interface includes a selection area with selectable representations of queryable fields of a data source and a visualization area where query results are displayed as data visualizations. Queries are generated by dragging fields from the selectable area to the visualization area of the user interface. A
Inventors: Zhitao Hou, Xiao Liang, Haidong Zhang, Dongmei Zhang

User interface tools for exploring data visualizations

02/20/14 - 20140049557 - Data visualizations may include a large number of data points, some of which may be small, and/or data points that are in close proximity to one another. To assist a user in accurately selecting a desired data point, when displaying a data visualization, a magnification area is simultaneously displayed. The
Inventors: Zhitao Hou, Xiao Liang, Haidong Zhang, Dongmei Zhang

Rectification of characters and text as transform invariant low-rank textures

05/31/12 - 20120134588 - A “Text Rectifier” provides various techniques for processing selected regions of an image containing text or characters by treating those images as matrices of low-rank textures and using a rank minimization technique that recovers and removes image deformations (e.g., affine and projective transforms as well as general classes of nonlinear
Inventors: Xin Zhang, Zhengdong Zhang, Xiao Liang, Zhouchen Lin, Yi Ma

Robust recovery of transform invariant low-rank textures

05/31/12 - 20120133779 - A “Transform Invariant Low-Rank Texture” (TILT) Extractor, referred to as a “TILT Extractor” accurately extracts both textural and geometric information defining regions of low-rank planar patterns from 2D images of a scene, thereby enabling a large range of image processing applications. Unlike conventional feature extraction techniques that rely on point-based
Inventors: Yi Ma, Zhengdong Zhang, Xiao Liang

Real-time animation for an expressive avatar

05/24/12 - 20120130717 - Techniques for providing real-time animation for a personalized cartoon avatar are described. In one example, a process trains one or more animated models to provide a set of probabilistic motions of one or more upper body parts based on speech and motion data. The process links one or more predetermined
Inventors: Ning Xu, Lijuan Wang, Frank Kao-ping Soong, Xiao Liang, Qi Luo, Ying-qing Xu, Xin Zou

Related links recommendation

12/08/11 - 20110302155 - The related links recommendation technique described herein employs combined collaborative filtering to recommend related web pages to users. The technique creates multiple collaborative filters which are combined in order to create a combined collaborative filter to recommend web pages similar to a given web page to a user. One query-based
Inventors: Jun Yan, Ning Liu, Lei Ji, Zheng Chen, Jiulong Wang, Xiao Liang

Web cam based user interaction

08/19/10 - 20100211918 - This document describes tools for inputting data into a computer via the movement of features of a user as detected by a webcam or other input device. This is accomplished by a user moving his or her features in view of a webcam. The webcam or other input device then
Inventors: Xiao Liang, Xin Zou, Weiwei Zhang, Shuo Wang

Recombinant chemokine-antigen vaccine

08/20/09 - 20090209729 - A recombinant gene sequence that comprises human SLC gene, antigen gene, and IgG1-Fc fragment gene, wherein the SLC gene is linked upstream to the antigen gene, and the IgG1-Fc fragment is linked downstream to the antigen gene. This invention also relates to the application of the recombinant gene sequence in
Inventors: Shuren Zhang, Chen Lin, Wenxin Sun, Hanjun Qin, Chunxia Zhou, Xiao Liang, Dongmei Wang, Wenbo Ma, Xueyan Zhang, Ming Fu

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